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#4610BR 1:50 Scale Oshkosh S-Series 7x Front Mixer Revolution

#4610BR 1:50 Scale Oshkosh S-Series 7x Front Mixer Revolution (TWH075-1064)
#4610BR 1:50 Scale Oshkosh S-Series 7x Front Mixer Revolution (TWH075-1064)
Item# 4610BR


FUNCTIONS: Air ride seat, rotating mixer, pin hitch on front bumper, dual action chute cylinders, opening cab door, swiveling power chute assembly with metal chute, chute rack on passenger side behind cab store 2 extra chute sections, remote control and storage bracket for remote, swiveling up, top hopper, steerable lift and load span axles, rotating radiator fan, opening fiberglass engine hood, water hoses by driver side cab door and top of walkway.

FEATURES: Detailed drivers cab, Photoetch steps and catwalks, 11 cubic yard mixer, stop on front cylinder to prevent over pivoting, controls for chute under front bumper on angled section, spring bolt cab and pedestal mounts, limit counter, counts mixer revolutions, 150 gallon water tank behind cab, PVC tubing protects hoses and wiring from pedestal to pedestal, 2 side by side air tanks, replicated aluminum wheels, tow loop on rear, quarter fenders on load span axle, radiator fan with boot, chrome muffler stack, 70 gallon D style aluminum fuel tank located on rear passenger side, storage angle for chute has 5 degree upward angle, replicated black anti-skid material on front fenders, and replicated wire rope step to get into cab.

Length: 11.75" / 298 mm
Width: 1.75" / 44 mm
Height: 3.25" / 83 mm
Manufacturer: TWH Collectibles
Model Type: Diecast / Multi-material
Scale: 1:50
Weight: 0.95 lbs / 0.43 kg
OEM: Oshkosh